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Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s: which smartphones will be an extreme test of strength? [video]

The new flagship of Samsung Galaxy S7 is a strong competitor to the iPhone 6s. The new interest in stylish design, quality display and camera, waterproof shell. The authors YouTube channel EverythingApplePro decided to check the smartphone Galaxy S7 edge strength, simultaneously comparing it with the flagship Apple device.

The drop test conducted in three situations: from the height of his pants pocket, from the height of the human ear, as well as three meters. Each gadget was thrown to the pavement three times, after each drop was estimated damages.

The first test successfully passed both units. After landing on the concrete surface appeared only minor scratches on the body. In the test drop from the height of the shoulder had given in Galaxy S7. Covered with glass Gorilla Glass 4 rear panel of the smartphone crashed immediately, but the second fall turned it into glass chips. iPhone 6s remained in working condition.

In the third test gadgets decided to lose from the height of three and six meters. And again iPhone 6s remained intact, while the Galaxy lost the presentation – cracks were covered and display.

The video, oddly enough, brings practical benefits. All we, the users of mobile devices are trying to protect their gadgets, putting their minimum loads. Of course, the smartphone may just slip out of our hands and fall to the floor or asphalt, but this happens very rarely. These crash tests allow us to know what will happen to the device if it intends to do.

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