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Samsung expects to sell a record 18 million smartphones Galaxy S8 for the first 3 months

Samsung has set an ambitious goal of selling 18 million Galaxy smartphones S8 in the first three months. This is more than double the sales of its predecessor Galaxy S7 over the same period. Note that Apple, according to analysts, only the first three days sold about 10 million iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Initially Samsung was much more conservative in their forecasts, and expected to ship 16 million Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ in the first three months. But the positive response from retailers for novelty allowed the company to revise their forecasts.

Another important result of the assessment of retailers ‘ reaction was the revision of the production strategy of Samsung, which has decided to increase volumes of release of Galaxy S8+. And now the production of Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ will be in the ratio of 55/45, although in the middle of last month the share Galaxy S8+ accounted for only 40% of its smartphone line S8.

Analysts expect that the range of Samsung Galaxy S8 will be successful even if its sales for the year will reach 50 million compared to 49 million Galaxy S7 sold by the company in the past year. The explanation is quite simple: last year’s generation of flagship smartphones Samsung appeared a month before the Galaxy S8. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 was obviously in a winning position because of the failure of planshetofona Galaxy Note 7. And many of those who hoped to buy the latest camera, in the end I opted for a Galaxy S7.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be any of these advantages Galaxy S7. So even a comparable smartphone sales will speak in favor of the new Samsung flagship, analysts say.

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