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Samsung developing a flexible battery foldable smartphone

The Next Web writes that Samsung will add a foldable flexible mobile battery. The company is already developing prototypes on 3000 and 6000 mAh. It is reported that Samsung engineers have found a way to create flexible batteries in large quantity. Four years ago, a subsidiary of Samsung SDI introduced curved battery with a 210 mAh. Due to technical limitations, the capacity could not be increased. After this time, Samsung SDI creates prototypes of batteries with capacity of 3000 and 6000 mAh.

Perhaps they will be installed into foldable mobile Galaxy X, which will present in 2019. It is still unknown how it will look. According to Pocketnow, the key aspects of the design were not solved in April 2018. The only thing that is known about him — his screen will consist of two displays, which will be merged into one when the device is opened.

Samsung 2011, is trying to create a foldable smartphone. Seven years ago, the company showed a prototype of a curved display. Then she said that the screen can be opened and closed 100 thousand times before the brightness will decrease by 6 percent. In addition to Samsung foldable smartphone develop by Apple, LG and Xiaomi.

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