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Samsung demonstrates the advantages of the Galaxy S6 before the iPhone 6 in new ad “6 > 6”

Samsung tries to win at least a moral victory over his main rival in the mobile sphere. The company launched a series of promotional videos under the motto “Not all smartphones are created equal.” In two videos Korean manufacturer compares the functionality of the Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6.

In the first advertisement demonstrates the capabilities of Samsung curved screen Galaxy S6 edge. The unusual shape of the display justify several functions: “Edge-lit” o on a curved part of the screen notifications for missed messages or calls; “Information flow” is displayed on the curved screen data from Twitter, Yahoo! News and other channels and “Night watch” – display the clock and date on side display in standby mode. “iPhone 6 displays nothing, but it does have the function of vibrating alert,” says the VoiceOver.

In the second clip as the superiority of the Galaxy S6 before the claimed iPhone 6 built-in wireless charging and a wide angle selfie. The motto of both rollers: “Simple arithmetic – 6 > 6. Galaxy S6 – Not all smartphones are created equal.”

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