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Samsung decided not to change the design of its flagship Galaxy S7

If you thought that Samsung radically change the design of its new flagship Galaxy S7, then hurry to disappoint. According to unofficial information, the Korean manufacturer intends to adopt a strategy Apple and leave without changing the appearance of a top-end smartphone for the second year in a row.

As it became known, the Galaxy S7 will retain the external features of the performance top-end model of the Galaxy S6. Differences in Korean novelties will be, but they will be minor. The main focus of “seven” will make improvement on hardware: CPU, display, camera.

Samsung has decided not to change the design of their flagships, including to reduce the selling price of devices. The latter fact is associated with a huge pressure exerted on the company the fledgling Chinese producers. They traditionally produce an inexpensive but functional products. And this strategy has allowed the Chinese to gain a foothold in the global smartphone market, which is clearly does the latest research analysts.

At the moment, reliable information about the technical characteristics of Galaxy S7 a little. According to rumors, there will be three models with different processors. The top version will get Exynnos M1 or Snapdragon 820 (depending on region), and budget version – an experimental 7422 Exynos chipset that integrates computing the kernel permanent memory, GPU and modem. After iPhone smartphones by the South Korean brand will learn to recognize different degrees of pressing on the screen.

As expected, Samsung announces Galaxy S7 in anticipation of the exhibition MWC 2016, which will be held in Barcelona from 22 to 25 February. Seoul had planned to present the model in January, but revised the plans because of concerns that such an early presentation of the Galaxy S7 can badly affect the sales of the current flagship products.

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