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Samsung decided not to announce at MWC Galaxy S8 2017 because of the failure Note 7

Samsung plans to announce its new flagship Galaxy at MWC 2017, which kicks off on February 27 in Barcelona. About this informed the head of the mobile division of the South Korean company.

This means that the new flagship of Samsung this year will be submitted at a later date than its predecessor, which was announced at MWC 2016. It should be noted that the last three years, the South Korean giant used the MWC to announce its high-end smartphones.

Previously it was assumed that the Galaxy S8 will be introduced at MWC 2017. However, the analysis of the sad experience of the Galaxy Note 7 has prompted the manufacturer more closely relate to the design and testing Galaxy S8. As you know, the technical cause of the fire smartphone Galaxy Note 7 were the defects in the batteries, and more generally to the failure of Galaxy Note 7 has led the rush, the fatigue of employees and the desire to circumvent Apple.

Reporting this decision, the head of Samsung mobile division Dong-Jin Koh did not specify the possible date of the announcement of the Galaxy S8, the first premium device, which will be released after the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7.

Before Samsung held in Seoul press conference at which he announced the results of the investigation of the causes of overheating and fire smartphones. As it turned out, the reasons lie in problems with the battery, not the design of the smartphone.

In order to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents in the future, the company has introduced an 8-step quality control. The new models will be more space for the battery compartment and will use the new protective mounting brackets.

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