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Samsung copied Apple technology Continuity and released it in the form of applications for their gadgets [video]

Samsung has released new software for their gadgets, which is based on the idea of convenient transfer tasks between mobile devices. Technology South Korean company called Samsung Flow is a response to Apple’s Continuity features that allow you to easily transfer tasks between your Mac and iOS devices 8, to take on the computer the incoming iPhone calls and make calls from your computer.

Samsung Flow is designed to ensure closer integration of the devices of the Korean manufacturer – smart watches, smartphones, tablets, computers and televisions. When the gadgets are next, the function allows you to start working on one device and continue on another. At beta technology is supported by eight gadgets: Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy Alpha, Note 4 and Note Edge, and Galaxy Tab S.

Samsung Flow consists of three components: Transfer, Defer and Notify. The first provides the ability to transfer content between devices. For example, you can access the article on your smartphone and continue reading on your tablet or redirect the call from laptop to phone. Defer allows you to postpone the task and subsequently finish it on another device, starting from the same place. Notify, in turn, notifies you about all incoming messages and reminders, regardless of the device used.

Using Samsung Flow, the company expects to realize what has been done with Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac – to create a single ecosystem of gadgets, for convenient operation. Samsung has already opened the Flow Toolbox SDK available to third-party developers.

On the next video you can see a demonstration of the Samsung Flow:

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