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Samsung, by example, showed how not to Troll Apple

Marketers Samsung seems to not learn from their mistakes, because the same mistake is chasing them for the past few years.

At the presentation WWDC 2015 Apple CEO Tim cook spoke from the stage about the amusing case of the baseball player. Member of the Cleveland Indians Brandon moss on one of the games made his hundredth home run (an important achievement in baseball), but hit the ball straight to their colleagues on the team in the warm-up zone. They took the ball himself and demanded a ransom.

The players asked him to buy all of the items from a long list, among which were basically “Apple” gadgets: MacBook Air, iPad, Apple Watch, as well as 200 liters of lubricant. Tim cook said that gave all players the “Apple” of the device, and the ball promised to return to Brandon in person.

After a few days the player of the same club Trevor Bauer was an important goal of the beginner “the Indians” Francesco Lindoro, who brought him his first hit of the team. In his Twitter Bauer wrote an appeal of baseball players, but this time the athletes were asked gadgets Samsung – tablet Galaxy Note Pro, Gear S watch, Samsung laptop, Galaxy S6 edge. And all anything, but the American fans tweet Samsung sent from your smartphone iPhone, issuing a marketing background to this list.

This case is not the last in a series of advertising blunders Samsung. In April, American actor and rapper Nick cannon discredited advertising campaign Koreans by sending one of related tweets from your iPhone. Similar puncture occurred in 2013 with the head of T-Mobile John Leger. He wrote a flattering tweet about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with its new iPhone 5s.

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In March last year, Ellen DeGeneres is the host of the ceremony of awarding the prestigious film award “Oscar” – during the event actively promoted the Galaxy Note, but, beyond the scene, wrote on Twitter from the iPhone.

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