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Samsung builds a testing ground for driverless cars

It is unlikely such a hot topic as Autonomous cars could avoid Samsung. In December of last year the company announced its intention to create a unit to develop parts and components for machines. The main purpose of the unit should be the creation of their own autopilot. How do I find the resource of the Korea JoongAng Daily, a South Korean company intends to build a test car of a polygon.

The automotive division of Samsung headed by the Vice-President Kwon Oh-Hyun, previously responsible for the production of electronics and components. It is unknown how large a unit, and all parts of its activities. Before that, Samsung plans on creation of the machine on autopilot was not known.

According to the newspaper, Samsung decided to rebuild the old Hippodrome in Gyeonggi province (South Korea) to test their own cars. At the site will build a lot of roads with different coatings, different obstacles, simulating real, and other attributes that will be required for testing of the autopilot.

In Seoul forced to seek new sources of revenue due to the reduction of revenue from the core business of the company smartphone sales. Experts expect that this year will be the second in a row that the Korean devices will fall. Due to the damages Samsung even removed from the post of head of Department of mobile communications Jong-Kyung Shin.

Apple is developing its own car starting in 2014. California giant plans to enter new market by 2019.

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