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Samsung brought to CES 2016 the fridge with an embedded tablet

This week will host the annual CES 2016, during which various companies will show their new developments. One of these companies will be Samsung. The official Flickr account of the South Korean brand created renderings of the upcoming official presentation of “smart” refrigerator. A distinctive feature of the device became a huge “tablet” or “smartphone” with touch screen built into one of the doors.

From the pictures it is not clear what are the functions of the screen, but on the panel there is a microphone icon that indicates a voice interaction with the refrigerator. Based on the renders, on the display you can display the app for online shopping, weather information, calendar.

As noted by The Verge, image Samsung look like on the picture of the refrigerator in Photoshop caused the image of the smartphone. Under the display is even visible capacitive buttons, like many smartphones.

At the moment we can only guess whether the product is to use Android, Tizen or any other platform. As for functionality, it is likely that you will be able to make a shopping list, a voice memo, to hear music and watch video on the web, check email, search for recipes, and so on.

About what really need a tablet device (it is not excluded that to broadcast from inside the refrigerator), will be known later this week.

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