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Samsung bought ads in three major U.S. Newspapers to apologize for the failure of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung bought out by a band in the U.S. publications The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The New York Times to publish an apology for the failure of the smartphone Galaxy Note 7.

Apology to the customers, published on behalf of Gregory Lee, President and head of Samsung Electronics North America. He admitted that Samsung was unable to fulfil customer expectations in terms of security gadgets. According to him, the company continues to study the causes of spontaneous combustion of smartphones, which has led to the opinion Galaxy Note 7.

“We will check all aspects of our devices, including accessories, software, manufacturing and technology to create batteries. We do this as quickly as possible, but we need time to find the right answers,” said Lee.

Earlier it was reported that top managers of Samsung on his knees apologized to local dealers in China. More than 20 representatives of South Korean company knelt during a meeting with partners in the Chinese city of Shijiazhuang because of the scandal with the Galaxy Note 7.

However, this gesture did not cause approval in China. Social media users criticized Samsung, accusing it of disrespecting the Chinese culture. After all, in the Eastern country to kneel – this is an exceptional gesture. In Chinese culture, to kneel only before God, in gratitude to their parents or in situations of extreme desperation.

The press service of Samsung explained that the Korean top managers of the company made such a gesture in gratitude for the fact that many Chinese dealers do not abandon the products of Samsung, in spite of continuous scandals disadvantages of smartphones Galaxy Note 7.

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The total damage from problems with the flagship Samsung smartphone is estimated at $5.3 billion for the first three quarters. According to media reports, due to problems with the Galaxy Note 7 a new flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 will be released three months later than planned.

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