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Samsung and LG are in no hurry to support Apple in a dispute with the FBI about terrorist hacking iPhone

Apple’s competitors in the smartphone market took a cautious stance in the dispute with the FBI about help hacking the iPhone, which belonged to the terrorist of San Bernardino, reports RSN.

From Asian manufacturers of smartphones in the support Apple has publicly commented only Huawei. “We invest a lot in the protection of privacy. It is very important for consumers,” — said General Director of the consumer division of Huawei, Richard Yu, However, is not Yu said that Huawei should have followed the same line of conduct in case of presentation to it of such requirements.

The head of Lenovo Group Yang Yuanqing refused to answer the question whether it supports Apple, saying only that a resolution of this matter requires time and reflection. “Today it happened with Apple, tomorrow it can happen with mobile phones Lenovo. Therefore, we should seriously weigh. This will require some time,” said Yuanqing.

Samsung and Xiaomi declined to comment, ZTE has not responded to the request. LG said that relate to privacy and its protection very seriously, but did not respond, did they ever help the US government in such matters.

The FBI requires Apple to develop software that would allow to bypass the passcode on iPhone without losing data stored in it. On 17 February, the head of the company Tim cook in an open letter explained that will not cooperate with the FBI, as the scheme by which the structure of the offers to unlock the phone, threatens the confidentiality of data. Cook called it a “loophole” through which you can unlock any iPhone.

25 February, Apple asked the court to indemnify the company against the earlier decision to crack the smartphone Syed Farooq. In his address to the court, the Corporation has invoked the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects freedom of speech and guarantees the right “not to be constrained to the expression”.

Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are preparing to file a joint petition in support of Apple, demanding to cancel the decision, which obliges Apple to hack into the FBI terrorist smartphone.

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