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Samsung and Jolla are fighting for the right to create a Russian mobile OS

Since April of this year, the Ministry of communications is looking for companies that could develop national mobile operating system (OS). Now 95% of client and mobile operating systems in Russia is imported. By 2020, the Ministry plans to reduce it to 75%, and by 2025 – up to 50%. The application for the creation of the mobile OS has filed two members – our main philosophy research Institute (in consortium with Samsung) and Finnish Jolla.

A consortium of research institutes our main philosophy, LLC “Samsung electronics Rus company”, Institute for system programming of RAS, Institute of problems of information security of the Moscow state University offers a mobile OS based development Samsung – Tizen. The cost of the project is 1,23 billion rubles, of which about 65% is proposed to be funded by the state. Second applicant – operating system Sailfish from Finnish Jolla. It is more expensive – 2,225 billion rubles, of which 1.89 bn RUB can be budget money.

Tizen – house development Samsung. The company does not plan to replace Android new system, intending to use Tizen in the Internet of things. June 3, Samsung already introduced in “SKOLKOVO” TV on Tizen. In addition to their mobile devices, the company has another watches and cameras running on Tizen.

About 80% of the cost of the operating system is writing it to the kernel, say “Vedomosti”. Taking as a basis the core Tizen partners will modify it under Russian requirements. Is a cryptographic library with Russian cryptography standards and libraries that implement protection against unauthorized access (e.g., to protect data if the smartphone is lost, etc.). The government will only give money to pay the developers and make sure they were on purpose. Just work on its own operating system will take about 4-5 years, but the first version will be possible to start using a year later. For the operating system will also need the app. The partners plan to establish a national store apps – main service for corporate and government clients.

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The Minister of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov previously made a statement of support for independent mobile systems and promised grants to developers under Sailfish OS and Tizen, to fight against the American monopoly of Android and iOS. In July 2014 he even contacted Apple with a proposal to open source code for iOS to Russian experts could examine the software to determine the presence in it of hidden features. Now support will need not only software developers under these systems, but also by companies.

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