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Samsung accused of poisoning 200 workers, which had concealed information about the harmful substances

Samsung accused of concealing from the workers the presence of harmful agents in the workplace, reports the BBC. The result was recorded about 200 serious diseases.

According to media reports, family members of employees of enterprises Samsung said that 76 officers died from exposure to the toxic chemicals that are used in the production of gadgets company. As pointed out by the relatives, in all there were about 200 cases of serious diseases, including leukemia, lymphoma and multiple sclerosis.

As noted by families, information about the harmful chemicals hiding from workers, because the company has stated that I can not reveal trade secrets.

To obtain compensation from the state, most injured workers also failed.

Samsung representatives, in turn, argue that the company has not withheld any information in an illegal manner and comply with all judicial decisions. In Seoul emphasizes that the safety of workers is the top priority of the company.

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