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Sales of smartphones on Windows Phone fell by 50%

In the fourth quarter of 2015 was shipped 404,5 million smartphones. Market leaders are Samsung and Apple, which for three months have managed to and ship to 81.3 74.8 million smartphones, respectively. The device these companies running Android and iOS. Against this background, the success of Microsoft promoting Windows Phone, look more than modest. During the reporting period were shipped less than 5 million Lumia smartphones. These data producer announced during a press conference on the results of the quarter.

According to quarterly reports from Microsoft, the company’s profit amounted to $6.3 billion and revenue of $25.7 billion in Revenue from the Surface in comparison with the same period last year increased by 29%, which was possible thanks to good sales Book Surface and Surface Pro 4. However, the business mobile phones Microsoft showed more disappointing results.

Revenue from sales of Lumia smartphones fell by 49%, helped launch flagship handsets Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. The journalists then said “it’s not the smartphone for which you can unsubscribe from iPhone”. In the reporting quarter was sold only 4.5 million Lumia smartphones, while a year earlier – more than 10 million

“Windows Phone is dead,” says The Verge. According to observers of the resource, even an increase of more than 50% will not be the salvation for Lumia smartphones.

Dynamics of sales of smartphones on Windows Phone for the last five years

As the chart shows, sales of handsets with Windows Phone last year dropped by more than half. Given that the smartphone market overall, albeit slower than before, but continues to grow, it is not surprising that the share of Microsoft products has decreased, barely exceeding the 1.1% for the quarter.

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