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Sales of iPads rose for the first time in 2014

Apple recently published its quarterly report which reports not only about their income but on growth of sales of tablets. According to Engadget, over three months, the company sold 11.4 million iPad, and this is the first rise in tablet sales, Apple 2014.

In light of the fact that the last few years, Apple said that iPad sales are disappointing fall, the news is a good occasion to review its line of tablets and to draw conclusions for further development of the company in this direction.

The results of the quarter ended July 1, Apple had revenue of $ 45.4 billion dollars, which is more than last year — 42.4 billion dollars. Operating profit for the year increased by 1% from 10.1 billion to $10.8 billion. China was a region, sales of which fell at the end of the reporting period. Apple services and the division of “other products” showed the biggest growth rate and development.

In comparison with last year, iPhone sales increased 1.6% during the reporting period. As for tablets, they sold much better as compared to last year’s results and reports in recent years. In the last quarter, the company sold 11.4 million units, which is 15% higher than last year. Interestingly, the growth of sales was recorded for the first time in 2014.

It is worth noting that Apple amid strong demand for iPad increased its profits from the sale of only 2%. This suggests that the most popular older models of the tablets, not the new iPad Pro.

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Source: Engadget

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