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Safari in iOS and macOS 10 Sierra will receive the support of WebP image format

In the final version of the Safari browser in iOS and macOS 10 Sierra will support the WebP format, which allows to speed up the uploading of photos and videos on the Internet. It is reported by Cnet.

Support for new type of data storage was discovered in a test version of a new operating systems from Apple. Safari in iOS and macOS 10 Sierra beta allow you to view photos in this format. While we are talking only about static images, animated files not supported by your browser.

A large part of the common image formats on the network, was created over 10 years ago and is based on the technology of the time. Engineers from Google have decided to increase the compression algorithms lossy compression (like JPEG), to allow the images to load faster, while fully preserving their resolution and visual quality. As a result, in 2010 was launched the format WebP that promises to significantly reduce binary size of photos in the network, allowing sites to load faster.

An open standard WebP, according to tests Google, bypasses the quality and speed of other image formats. In particular, the online store Google Play, replacing the PNG images to WebP without any loss of quality, reduced file sizes an average of 35%. Another important example of the use of WebP is that the thumbnails of YouTube videos are compressed in a new format, bringing the total page load time decreased by 10%.

Another advantage of WebP is the Union of two features of JPEG and PNG: compression with loss of quality JPEG (to reduce image size) and PNG transparency.

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At the moment, fully WebP only supports Chrome and the browsers running on the engine of Google, such as Opera and Vivaldi. Mozilla and Microsoft unlike Apple refused to work with this format.

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