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Russians will be obliged to receive digital receipts when you shop on the Internet

Customers of e-shops for cashless payment of goods will have to obtain fiscal receipts in electronic form. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the government bill submitted to the Duma on 9 January. Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Sergey Katasonov said that the bill is passed.

Today the buyer when making a purchase in the online store by cash or cashless payment, receives a receipt in the usual paper form. The only exceptions are certain services such as payment of the taxi or the services of notaries. The new bill retains the current procedure, however, involves the compulsory provision of a copy of a fiscal receipt in electronic form, explains the founder of service of mobile acquiring PayMe Vladimir Kanin. Such a check, he said, can be sent to the customer via SMS or email, and the data will flow to the data centres of the Federal tax service (FTS).

CB representative said that the implementation of this bill may involve a number of costs for entrepreneurs. According to him, one of the key tasks for the project sponsors is to evaluate the possibilities of using already existing technologies for information transfer by electronic means of payment. In FNS consider that the new procedure will allow honest entrepreneurs to save on printing paper check.

The participants of the payment market meanwhile does not see the need for this measure. According to them, this requires special equipment that will lead to additional costs. If payment is made by card or with electronic money and tax can receive information directly from the processing center, said Chairman of the Association “Electronic money” Victor Dostov. In his view, no special form of paper (on a bill, a check can be requested in paper form), it does not need. “For example, the client bought the song in the Apple Store. In what form should the check be delivered? Is the letter in paper form?” he asks.

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