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Russians rushed to buy smartphones in anticipation of the new growth of prices due to the fall of the ruble

After another weakening of the ruble network sellers of electronics in Russia again faced with the rush of buyers. According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, go particularly active smartphone sales.

On Monday and Tuesday, August 24-25 2015, revenue from sales of portable electronics in the “Connected” increased compared with the first two days of last week at 85%, said its representative Maria Zaikina. In MTS retail sales growth of smartphones in terms of money week to week amounted to 40%, says his spokesman Dmitry Solodovnikov. According to him, revenue from sales of smartphones MTS is 80% more than the year before. The growth of revenue from sales of smartphones, tablets and laptops depending on the product category for the first three days of this week compared with the first day of last amounted 40-200%, said the representative of “M. video” Anton Panteleev.

Last month, the ruble fell against the dollar by 20%, from June 2015 – 25%. A sharp increase in demand occurs, when the ruble weakens: buyers tend to make purchases in anticipation of higher prices.

Panteleev links the growth in demand for electronics not only with the collapse of the ruble, but the start of the new academic year. During this period, the growth in demand for portable electronics, but not for large household appliances, for example, have been common, he argues. According to Panteleeva, about the same dynamics is observed in this year. However, typically, this growth is less than from 30 to 50%, he acknowledges. Zaikin also said that the seasonal increase is usually much less.

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In the near future, manufacturers may increase purchase prices for the electronics that will have an impact on retail value, predicts Zaikina. “The messenger” has no plans for a dramatic revision of prices, but in the near future, most likely, will be forced to increase the prices, she warns.

That from Friday, August 28, will increase the price of the smartphone Lenovo Vibe Shot, yesterday warned the manufacturer. Retail price will increase by 10%, said a spokesman for Lenovo Marat Rakai. In the future upgrades available and a number of other models, due to the change in the exchange rate, does not exclude it.

Pictures Fly on smartphones will grow by 5-6%, said sales Director Rajiv Thakur. A specific timeframe. Due to the sharp changes in exchange rates have increased the recommended retail prices of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, said a representative of the manufacturer Jan Rozhkova. Notice of increase in the prices of smartphones sent to its partners and Microsoft releases a device under the Nokia brand), told “Vedomosti” a member of one of the retail chains and confirmed a source close to another.

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