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Russians invest money into the iPhone on the background of the collapse of the ruble

After a year the behavior of the Russians has changed: people no longer spend trying to lose in the price of the currency on useless purchases, but I try to buy things before the price rise, say retailers. In anticipation of the upcoming revision of prices, according to Svyaznoy, people buy flagship smartphones, in particular Apple products.

The Russians, despite the collapse of the ruble, not trying to actively acquire home appliances and electronics, as it was in December 2014, has informed “RIA Novosti”, the representatives of Russian networks on sale of household appliances and electronics: people tend to buy goods before the price increases, but do not create hype and more time to spend on the buying decision.

The ruble has accelerated the fall after the New year. On Wednesday the Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina said that the ruble is close to fundamental values and risks for financial stability no. At the time of application the value of the dollar was about 80.5 per ruble, after which the ruble was several times renewed historic lows.

On Thursday, the dollar jumped almost 86 rubles under pressure of oil prices. And the Euro overcame the next high from December 2014 to 93 rubles. When such a weakening of the Russian currency occurred in December 2014, domestic stores have seen an enormous rise in demand for electronics: the Russians tried to get rid of rubles and is actively buying the goods – smartphones, tablets, TVs.

However, after a year the behavior of the Russians has changed: people no longer try to spend rubles on sometimes useless purchase. Retailers indicate that despite the traditional high demand before the New year, excessive purchases.

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“Before the New year the number of buyers traditionally increased – people bought a large number of equipment as a gift to family and friends, but there was no such situation as the year before”, — have informed in the company “M. Video”.

“Demand is not falling since December, but the rush of the peak no, people are just trying to buy the necessary goods to rise in price, but not everything as last year. That is, it is unlikely that this year we will see buy three to five TVs at once, there is no panic,” — said the head of marketing of the company “220 Volt” Ivan Kulik.

In turn, the General Director of “Technosila” Ilya Timchenko said that the retail chain reported an increase in buying activity in early January. He attributed this to the continuing devaluation of the ruble, as well as with the redistribution of spending in favor of purchases of household appliances and electronics.

In the “Connected” see a surge in customer demand associated with the increase in the exchange rate. “Today, the sales of a “Liaison” has grown by 40-50% depending on the category. Most popular flagship smartphones of different brands, including Apple devices. Also popular and other types of devices from high-price segments, for example, tablets and smart accessories,” said the company.

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