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Russians forced to report to the authorities any who used their smartphone

The communications Ministry wants to oblige cellular operators and Internet service providers to specify passport data of all who have access to smartphones and computers user. On it informs CNews referring to the documents of the Ministry of communications.

Russia wants to oblige all mobile operators and Internet service providers to make lists of persons having access to their mobile devices and computers, and send these data to the operators at the conclusion of the contract, the Department has prepared draft amendments in rules of rendering of communication services in connection with the execution of the “law of Spring”.

According to these amendments, at the conclusion of the contract with operators, the subscribers need to specify name, address and details of identity documents of all to whom the subscriber may be allowed to use their smartphone, computer, or Wi-Fi-router. In addition, operators will be obliged to request such information on behalf of law enforcement.

The Ministry also proposes to require at least once to pay for communication services by Bank transfer to confirm the identity of the subscriber, and if this is not done, disconnect it from the connection in 15 days.

The operators oppose such innovations. “MegaFon” indicates that it is against the law on operative-investigative activities, as this is the responsibility of law enforcement.

“Beeline” considers them infeasible in practice, and “Rostelecom” asks to clarify whether it is necessary each time to request this data, if at least once the subscriber lent your smartphone to a neighbor or friend. It is also unclear, as in this case, be with information about minors who are parents allowed to use their phones.

“Spring law” developed by the MP Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov was adopted in 2016, He obliges telecommunications operators and Internet companies to store three years of data about all messages of their subscribers, and, starting in 2018, to store the contents of these negotiations for a period of up to six months.

In addition, this law obliges Telecom operators to stop providing its services if the subscriber within 15 days was not able to confirm compliance with the personal data indicated in the contract for rendering respective services, according to the actual user of these services.

In more detail the requirements for operators in compliance with the requirements of this law must approve the government. At the end of 2016 the Ministry of communications has developed the first draft of the relevant regulations, according to which operators will have to store the contents of the message subscribers within six months, that is the maximum laid down by the law.

Market participants are actively opposed adoption of the “law of Spring”, claims that his execution will cost trillions of rubles and will make their business unprofitable.

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