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Russian woman will go on trial for selling pens with a hidden camera

30-the summer inhabitant of Biisk has been accused of selling pens with an embedded camera, and GSM-tracker with the Apple logo. Criminal case with the indictment is directed to court for consideration.

The investigative Department of the SU TFR of Biysk of the Altai territory has finished investigation of criminal case concerning 30-the summer inhabitant. She is accused under article “Illegal sale of special technical means intended for secret obtaining information” and “Attempt at illegal sale of special technical means intended for secret information”.

The investigation established that the defendant in August 2016 around entertainment city sold unknown to her previously male digital video recorder disguised as a remote car alarm. This device is intended for secretly obtaining acoustic and visual information and are prohibited to turnover in territory of Russia.

Under Russian law, to collect information with the help of special tehsredstv for covert filming can only militiamen. Surveillance, which could organize an ordinary citizen, would violate the rights and freedoms of another person. The circulation of such spetsustroystv in Russia sanction under the criminal code of the Russian Federation faces a fine of up to 200 000 rubles or deprivation of liberty for a term up to four years.

The investigation found that in December 2016, the accused C transmitter / receiver unit of the GSM standard with the inscription on the body “GSM Tracker” and the Apple logo. However, as noted, the woman was unable to bring its criminal intent to end, as a special vehicle seized by the police. Also, women have seized two video cameras disguised as ballpoint pens.

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Criminal case with the indictment is directed to court for consideration on the merits.

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