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Russian users will be suing Apple

15 January 2018, it became known that the company lawyers NLF Group and Lex Borealis are preparing to file lawsuits against Apple. About it reports the edition “Kommersant”.

The reason for the lawsuits was the slowdown in some iPhone with worn batteries. Similar claims have already filed smartphone users from a number of Western countries.

Both companies represent several clients. They are the so-called legal investors willing to protect the interests of the claimant for a percentage of the financial compensation that can be set by the court. Law firm representatives are confident that, in the case of winning, the payout will exceed the expenses of doing business more than ten times.

However, to win a court case against Apple is quite simple. First, you must prove that the Corporation was slow gadgets deliberately to encourage customers to purchase the new iPhone. Secondly, according to the Russian legislation, the performance of the processor should be uniquely identified as a significant drawback of the product.

Russian representation Apple has not commented on information about the lawsuits.

In January, 2018, claims will be submitted to several courts of Moscow. In the case that will be decided in favor of the plaintiff, the number of hits can be increased several times.

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