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Russian supplier of glass for the Apple Watch became the world’s largest producer of sapphire

The Russian company “the crystal”, which supplies sapphire glass for the Apple Watch, is recognized as the largest manufacturer of synthetic sapphires in the world, the annual revenue of the company reached $87 million

According to the company Yole Developpement (YD), “single crystal” is one of the few companies that have managed to show an operating profit by the end of 2014. The company has improved the cost structure, greatly increased production capacity and, ahead of Japanese competitors, has taken the lead in two major segments of the market – the production of sapphire, said the chief product Manager sapphire “Crystal” Eugene Hostages in an interview with TASS.

Sapphire is second in hardness after diamond stone, has excellent mechanical, optical and chemical properties. That is why sapphire is used in watches, mobile devices. In addition, the crystal structure has allowed sapphire to become a major component of the LEDs used in the lighting of LED TVs and General lighting.

In July Stavropol factory “the crystal” for the first time in the world was grown by 300-pound sapphire crystal using the kyropoulos method on its own technology. The company has 30 years experience in the production of sapphires, previously there have already grown sapphires weighing 100 kg and 140 kg. up To the end of the year, the plant plans to increase production capacity by more than 20% and take 30% of the global market of artificial industrial sapphires.

Now monocrystal holds 27% of the world market sapphire for optoelectronic applications and 11% of the world market of aluminum pastes for solar energy.

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Four of the ten world leaders in the production of LEDs used sapphire wafers produced by the “Crystal”. Eight of the ten largest global companies involved in the processing of sapphire, consume sapphire ingots issued by the company. In June it became known that the “single crystal” is one of the main suppliers of two-inch sapphire wafer, which is made from heavy-duty panel displays for Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. Industry observers believe that the Russian company was in a favorable position due to the depreciation of the local currency. It offers a four-inch sapphire wafers that comprise 60% of deliveries at a more attractive price than the competitors.

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