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Russian students don’t want to work at Apple, Gazprom, Google and more attractive

Russian students do not want to work at Apple, and prefer “Gazprom” and Google. It is reported by RBC with reference to the report of Universum. In contrast to the ranking of American students, the manufacturer of iPhone is not even in the top ten sympathy with University students. In the US students considered the most promising companies for the employment of Google, Apple and Facebook.

In the study, experts surveyed 23,000 students in 97 Russian universities. Among the respondents were 35% men and 65% women, average age of respondents was 21.4 years.

Google has become the most attractive employers for those who study it and the Humanities, as well as for students of economic specialties. Latest in 2016 called as such “Gazprom”. Economics students are also increasingly interested in banks: their position in the ranking has strengthened VTB, Bank of America and Citibank.

Gazprom is the most attractive employer for students studying the natural Sciences.

The Russian Google competitor — the company “Yandex” is also gaining popularity among students, especially students of Economics and medicine, the study says. According to these parameters, the company has risen by 7 and 14 points respectively compared with the year 2016.

The average size of the salary expectations of students over the past year decreased. Men estimate future income by 4 thousand rubles. less than in 2016 — about 61 thousand RUB; women reduced their requests for 1.5 to 52.2 thousand RUB thousand RUB

Students are often eager to work in the industry of arts and entertainment as well as media and advertising. Men are more attracted to the profession of a programmer (22%), Manager and the consultant (14%), banking (13%) or an employee of the chemical industry (13%).

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