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Russian smart bracelet ONETRAK has received the function of “smart” alarm clock

Our sleep is cyclical and consists of several phases. There are phases of light and deep sleep. First, easy phase, the person closest to awakening, so to get up at this time more comfortable. Waking up in deep sleep, the person feels lack of energy and General fatigue.

ONETRAK was released less than a year ago in two versions: a fitness tracker for motivation and daily use Life and a smart bracelet for athletes Sport that helps keep track of progress and achievements. Built-in function “smart” alarm clock allows the devices to Wake the user in the light sleep stage, identifying the ideal Wake-up time.

The principle of operation of “smart alarm clock” ONETRAK simple. To activate it you must log into the mobile app and click on the icon “Menu” in the top left corner of the main screen “My Trak”. After that, choose “Alerts”. Then remains to make the necessary settings of the alarm by following the detailed instructions on the website ONETRAK in the “Help” section ( A new feature is available for smart wristbands, fitness trackers for iOS and Android.

According to the head of the company Mikhail Prepackage, the advantage of smart wristbands and fitness trackers brand is that they not only collect and analyze data about the health of the user, but also motivate it to keep in the best shape.

“This is particularly relevant now when the holidays have passed, and the body needs recovery. Including have to normalize your sleep,” explains Michael Perepelitsky.

ONETRAK is a Russian manufacturer of high — tech gadgets to monitor the condition. Smart bracelets brand allow the user to regularly obtain accurate information on three main parameters: sleep, diet and level of physical activity. When you sync your device with a branded mobile app ONETRAK all the information are immediately sent to the PC screen, tablet or smartphone user.

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