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Russian search engine “Sputnik” has released a browser for the iPad

The company “Sputnik browser for iPad. All the features that were introduced in version iPhone became available to users in the new tablet version. Starts the update, the developers have taken into account suggestions for improving the application.

“Sputnik” is positioned for family use. It has a built in protection system against malicious activity, has a “child mode”, an anonymous work, supports voice input and other functions. In operation, a user, for example, will be warned about downloading potentially unsafe web pages, and in child mode blocks access to sites with adult and harmful content.

In the nearest plans of “Satellite” launch browser for personal computers, creating its own eco-system with the ability to synchronize data between devices.

“The basis of the application became the standard iOS SDK classes – for example, to display web pages used UIWebView. But the standard library was not enough for the realization of our ideas, so the main part of processing pages we have implemented using JavaScript,” said project Manager Alexander Larionov.

App for iPhone and iPad in the App store. In the program available for tablets: search the QR code, the ability to add new sites to the start screen, auto-on search at the collection site “Satellite Children” in “baby mode” and the inclusion of special children tips. An iPhone version was released in late March. The same developer has an app “My house — Satellite” and “Medicine Companion” to search for service organizations and pharmacies respectively.

The project “Sputnik” was launched as a start-up company “Rostelecom” in 2014. His first product was the eponymous search service, which has incomparably less attendance than popular Russian search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler and others. It is positioned as a socially oriented Internet platform. Based on search technologies Sputnik creates a range of Internet services to increase the availability of official information, public services and services provided in digital form.

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Download “Satellite – Browser” for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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