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Russian scientists create a processor operating according to the principle of the human brain

Scientists of the scientific-educational center “Nanotechnology” at Tyumen state University (TSU) to develop multilayer storage matrix which will become the basis for building a neuromorphic processor, operating on the principle of the human brain. About it reported in a press-service of the University.

Results in the creation of electrical schematics programmable microprocessor with associative functions was presented at the conference of Nanotechnological society of Russia in Moscow.

“We finished the development of extra large 3D logical matrix and have started to create layered storage of the matrix. Such matrices can be produced by vacuum nanotechnology, which combines classic transistor technology on silicon technology of the memristor crossbar,” — said the head of the laboratory beam-plasma technologies of Tyumen state University Alexander Pisarev.

The head of SEC “Nanotechnology” Professor Sergey Udovichenko added that to create an electric diagram of the neuroprocessor requires the development of individual components.

“Based on the great architecture of the neuroprocessor and the corresponding large number of items in the wiring diagram, these nodes must meet the General requirements: high integration of elements while combining them in an extra-large matrix; the minimization of the space occupied by the cell matrix on a chip; high throughput and energy efficiency,” said Udovichenko.

Scientists presented topology allows to create very large logical and memory foam layered matrix with a high degree of integration, which in the future can be used to build a neuromorphic processor.

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