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Russian Railways has launched the first official app ticket without a fee

Russian Railways has launched the first official application for the sale of train tickets for iOS and Windows. This was stated by the Deputy head of the Department of Informatization of the company Vladislav Kustarev.

As follows from the description of the program in the App Store, with the help of “Russian Railways Passengers” you can find train timetables, buy train tickets and to check the information about the previously acquired travel documents. Payment can be made by credit card, the fee for the purchase of a ticket will be charged.

The mobile application has a single database user with the website of JSC “RZD”, and if the user has previously purchased e-tickets on the website, registration in the mobile app is not required.

In “Russian Railways Passengers” tickets can be purchased for bonus points, keep track of your bonus account, buy and use transport cards to store your e-tickets.

Users have some additional options: navigation inside buildings stations (currently available in 9 Moscow railway stations), display ads about the change in train schedules, frequently asked questions.

In January – March, 2017 on the long-distance trains sold more than 9.8 million e-tickets, which is 19% more than were issued over the same period last year. Thus, the share of electronic sales in the long-distance trains today is to 44.7%. For registration of electronic tickets use different sales channels.

So, for example, through the Internet, sold more than 9.5 million tickets, using your mobile app to purchase tickets on long-distance trains “train Tickets” — more than 241 thousand electronic tickets through transactional self-service terminals (TTC) feature 161 million.

Daily e-ticket on long-distance trains buying an average of 120,000 passengers.

Download “Russian Railways Passengers” for iOS at this link.

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