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Russian “perpetual drive” for data storage will be available by 2021

Production Russian information disk made of quartz glass for commercial use will start in 2021. It is reported TASS with reference to the head of the laboratory of laser nanostructuring of glass by Ivan Glebov.

According to him, such a disk can store data for 100,000 years, to withstand fire, water and cosmic radiation. “We plan to launch pilot projects together with the Russian book chamber, Russian state library, several state archives by 2019, and 2021 is planned to start experimental-industrial production for output of “eternal disc” on the commercial market,” he said.

According to Glebova, the development of the principle of recording and reading of information and selection of recorded material began in 2015 as one of the projects of the advanced research Foundation. The project is for three years, in 2018, will start development work on creation of the prototype. Their results can be interpreted approximately in a year when start pilot projects to transfer important data to the “eternal wheels”.

As noted by the interlocutor of the Agency, the main users of the “eternal disc” will be archives, museums, libraries, government agencies, military, banks, enterprises of state corporations that need to store information of particular importance — a digital copy of getdocumenturi, reporting, library and Museum funds. According to the head of the laboratory, also “eternal disc” will be widely demanded by the IT companies using “cold storage” data, which implies the rare use of the information.

“”Eternal” glass disks can be a great solution for “cold storage” data “tons” of photographs can be stored in the “eternal information the permafrost,” explained Glebov. According to him, with mass production the cost of the “eternal disc” will be commensurate with the cost of modern hard disks.

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