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Russian operators will inform the banks about the change the client SIM card

At a closed meeting of representatives of the Bank of Russia, Ministry of communications and commercial banks was approved by the scheme according to which banks will be able to learn from mobile operators information about changing SIM-cards subscribers. About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the representatives of the Central Bank.

The initiators of the project hope that in this way banks will be able to prevent the cyberswindlers that on a forged power of attorney in the shops can get a copy of the SIM card of the client to access his account, because for the operations in the Internet banking one-time codes that come to the mobile number of the owner of the account or credit card.

In addition, the exchange of such information is necessary and how banks work with distressed borrowers. The meeting came to the conclusion that the mechanism of request from the Bank in the company of cellular communication on the SIM card by the subscriber, is an effective way to deal with these problems, however, operators have to produce a number of technical improvements.

Meanwhile, the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov believes that this creates a risk of leakage of personal data.

“Also, there is the question of who will be the holder of this base and for whose account it will be funded, he said. — It is obvious that its establishment and operation would require additional investments, including for security.

In a press-service “the Megaphone” consider that to impose state regulation there where the market can effectively resolve the issue-level agreements, there is no need.

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