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Russian operators accused of selling personal data of Russians

Unscheduled inspections of operators carried out by Roskomnadzor, has led to an unexpected result. The office for the first time had caught them in the selling of user data to the Russians. The Agency could not specify how many violations are discovered, but the fact checks have confirmed. To carry out such checks instructed the Roskomnadzor, the Russian President.

The official representative of Roscomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said that the Department investigated the legality of data collection in the networks of the operators of third party companies for promotional and marketing purposes. They had established numerous facts of the conclusion of the operators of the relevant treaties. In this case the network operator has installed specialized equipment or software for gathering, processing and transmission of data of the Russian subscribers. Including on foreign servers.

In particular, such violations were detected in MGTS. According to the materials of the case, the operator analyzed user traffic. Each user is assigned a unique number, and four companies received from SSA and non-personal information about visited sites.

The operator sends to its partners search queries, the addresses of web pages visited by the subscribers subject to the information posted on the resources they visit, and IP address of the subscriber. And the court recognized that this information is enough to identify a particular user, and MGTS was fined 30 000 rubles for violation of the rules of operator license.

Director for legal support of MGTS Ivan Nikitin acknowledged that the transmission of anonymised data about subscribers to third parties, but stressed that after receiving the instructions of Roskomnadzor about elimination of infringements of MGTS no longer send them to their partners. And founder of the service Openstat statistics Leonid Filatov sure check of Roskomnadzor was only the “first swallow”. In the future, the Agency is closely involved in managing the “grey” market of big data.

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