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Russian officials transferred from Windows to Linux

Institute for the development of the Internet (IRI) before October 1, will offer President Vladimir Putin their ideas for development of the Russian segment of the Internet. According to RBC, one of the proposals to Iran will be the use of computers to officials of the Linux operating system instead of Windows.

“We have already agreed with several governors to replace the computers in the administration of Windows on different versions of Linux to see how they work”,— said the head of the Institute of German Klimenko. According to him, the initiative must be implemented gradually, first in small municipalities with a population of 10 000 (in 2017), then in medium — to 100 000 people (2018), and in 2019 in all others.

IRI did not assess how much will cost for a replacement license. Klimenko expects that the amount will not exceed that which the state spends for the purchase and upgrade of Windows systems. According to him, a few tens of billions of rubles. Iran has calculated that in 2013 the turnover of Microsoft in Russia amounted to 109 billion rubles, Apple — 131 bn, HP — 132 bn, IBM — 153 bn, Oracle 71 billion rubles, and the entire IT market in Russia in 2013 reached 1 trillion rubles.

The authors of the document called Russian companies that develop software based on Linux (Scientific and technical centre of information technologies “Dew” and “Alt Linux”. Klimenko does not exclude that they will be able to agree about granting licenses for administrations, who will continue to pay for support software.

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On the question whether “Alt Linux” to provide its products to municipalities free of charge, CEO Alexei Smirnov said that “some may confuse free software and free, but it’s not the same thing”. The cost of the license Linux in retail for one computer can be up to 20 thousand rubles (in Windows 8.1 — up to 12 790 rubles).

President and General designer of the Scientific and technical centre of information technologies “Dew” Vladimir Rubanov believes that the transition of municipalities from Windows to Linux is a logical step that will increase the technological independence of our country.” According to him, the company has a free version of the operating system — Rosa Fresh software which can be installed by anyone.

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