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Russian mobile operators plan at the same time to worsen the conditions of customer service

If ever the service of number portability between operators MNP will be a significant factor influencing subscriber base, mobile operators have to be extremely careful to treat its subscribers. Alternative scenario — mobile operators have to negotiate among themselves and to worsen the conditions of service at the same time.

The principle of retaining the subscriber number when switching from one operator to another (MNP) in the mobile radiotelephone communication networks operates in Russia since December 1, 2013. According to statistics, during the spring and summer of the current year Russian mobile subscribers were transferred to rooms in average two times more often than in all previous time of the service until March 30, 2016 the average Russian monthly transferred approximately 110,000 rooms, from late March to early August 2016 — an average of 200,000 shifts, gave the statistics of the Ministry of communications.

Today’s events show that operators are de facto ready at the same time to worsen the position of subscribers, according to Roem.

“Media-communication Union (MKS) has prepared a bill according to which the messenger and mail services must enter into contracts with operators. Means of communication without contracts with operators will be “outlawed” and illegal communications, you can legally block. The founders of “Media and Communications of the Union” includes PJSC “MTS”, “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”), MegaFon and Rostelecom (Tele2 brand), that is, all the major cellular operators of Russia. None of the mobile operators expressed their protest against the bill, ISS. No one moved away from the idea of the Union, and stated its subscribers or the press that his network owners messenger (usually a foreign company) do not have to sign the contract. Representatives of MTS, MegaFon, VimpelCom and Tele2 declined to comment to reporters.

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If the check messenger or email is not necessary — the subscriber knows that his chosen messenger/email will never be blocked by the mobile operator, since the operator is not intended to select the applications or addresses per subscriber. The idea of a Union means that all operators share the idea of a simultaneous deterioration of the status of subscribers, in the part that relates to instant messengers and email. All operators agreed to limit the infinite (today) selection of communications by the subscriber. The Union sees legal messengers/email signed contracts with operators.

Although amendments to the law written in the Soviet Union, the reputational risks of their introduction, the Union shifted to the state Duma, the Federation Council and the President, who accept and sign the applicable laws. It is possible to recognize that the strategy “Media-Communication Union — effective.

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