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Russian McDonald’s introduced the “authorization certificate” for their Wi-Fi networks

Fast food chain McDonald’s has introduced all of its 505 restaurants in Russia identify users free Wi-Fi, performing thus a government decree. It is reported by RBC with reference to the representative of the company Svetlana Polyakova.

Several sources at the companies said that the Wi-Fi coverage and services provide identification “Beeline” and “Enforta”.

The representative of the company “Enforta Sergei Shirokov engaged in strategic development, confirmed the fact of cooperation with McDonald’s, noting that this service connected 200 restaurants in Moscow about two months ago. Information on cooperation was confirmed by the representative of “Beeline”.

In may this year the Minister of communications and mass media Nikolai Nikiforov at the government communications Commission stated that the McDonald’s in Russia has not fulfilled the requirement for user authentication Wi-Fi.

“Despite the fact that there are a lot of ways, not all public access points to the Internet has complied with the requirements of the Russian legislation”, – said Nikiforov. The Minister further said that “visitors of Russia’s largest network of fast food outlets still use public Internet access without registration. According to a source who attended a legal Commission, in particular, was about the McDonald’s restaurants.

Government resolution No. 758 of access to the public Internet on the ID entered into force on 13 August. It States that at the conclusion of urgent contracts on connection to the Internet at public access points (caps) will require identification of the user. Previously, the concept of CACS was used in the context of universal communication services: operators of those services (21 operator, Rostelecom, organized points established by government regulations (for at least one access point in the village with population from 250 to 500 people, the communication speed is not less than 10 MB/s, etc.).

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With the publication of decree No. 758 concept PKD also appeared in the “Rules of rendering of services of data transmission”, spreading this way on all Russian operators who installed the access point to the Internet over wireless networks.

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