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Russian live week out for the new iPhone 6s

Today began selling the iPhone 6s in the countries of the “first wave”. In Berlin, the first buyers of the smartphone have already shared their impressions with the press and went to get acquainted with new gadget closer in a more relaxed atmosphere. The most important lucky, which is out of doors Apple Store won first sold in Berlin gadget was German, Hegel Brun. He took a lively place to buy the flagship for a whole week ago. Among the lucky ones in the queue was a lot of Russians.

“Everything is just super! I got in the queue for new friends from Russia and Ukraine. We ate, drank, had fun, and expectation, I would say, was not tedious, — he admitted.

On Berlin street, which stretched the line of those wishing to become happy owners of “Apple” innovations, strengthened security measures. For convenience, the organization of people broke into the “box” for 25 people, so as not to create a mess at the entrance.

By the way, our compatriots in the number of people wishing to buy a brand new iPhone in Berlin is really a lot. In the words of one of them — Vladislav — in the queue you can create a variety of meeting, because the contingent of Apple fans is very wide. But, in addition to pleasant conversation, we cannot exclude the risk of getting something less pleasant: injury or loss of strength. Especially in the German capital, the start of sales of the latest flagship iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus began with a mishap: Apple Store managers mistakenly opened for customers door, which did not coincide with the beginning of the queue of those wishing to buy first a novelty than crying serious excitement in the ranks of the waiting.

“In the last couple of days someone in the ambulance were taken: some became ill, someone drunk, someone broke my hand, someone went to eat and was unable to take his place back in the queue, but everything is quite civilized” — quoted LifeNews Russian Apple fan, defended Berlin’s turn.

Besides Germany, the “Apple” of the novelty has already appeared on the Windows in the official outlets in Australia, Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, China, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, USA, France and Japan. And in Russia, the iPhone 6s will appear “gray” retailers already tonight. In our country they habitually carried in hand Luggage from European countries. And if in the US the cost of the new iPhone is $649, $749 and $849 without taxes, then the Russian “gray” dealers price doubles.

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