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Russian iPhone users upgrade every 20 months

Due to the rising prices of smartphones, the Russians began longer to use them. About it reports “Kommersant”, citing a study by Deloitte. In 2016 the average lifespan of the iPhone was 20 months, whereas in 2013 about 12 months.

In 2016 the average lifespan of phones in Russia amounted to 21.8 per month, according to a global Deloitte study on consumer behavior in the mobile market. It’s almost a month longer than in 2015, when the rate was 20.9 per month. In 2014 consumers updated my primary phone on average every 20.3 months and in 2013 every 22.2 months. The data gained through the online survey Ipsos Mori in the summer of 2016. It was attended by 2,000 people aged 18 to 60 years.

According to the survey, Nokia phones remain in the hands of consumers for over 28 months, with the summer 2015 term replacement phones of this brand has grown by about 7 months. In second place for the duration of the possession — Sony (27.1 months), duration of their replacements has increased by almost nine months. Time owned Samsung rose 0.7 of a month, to 23.2 months. About once every 20 months, the participants of the survey update iPhone. The summer of 2015, his replacement period grew by more than two months, and summer 2013, more than eight months.

“In 2014, when the economy turned, people wanted to change the phone to not lost money. We saw that many people bought a new phone, when this can not do”,— confirms the President “Euroset” Alexander Malis. The service life of the devices is growing with the decline in consumer demand, he States.

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Direct correlation with sales data in units can not be, as the possession of a smartphone this year does not mean that it was purchased in the same year, says a representative of Sony Mobile Kirill Lubnin. The Sony loyal audience, he said: data for the pre-crisis period do not differ much from that of 2015 and 2016, although the market there are more players in the lower and middle price segments.

Among the A-brands as the main phone since 2012, growing to only share iPhone, found Deloitte. In particular, sales of the iPhone of the previous generation were successful attempt to reach out in other price niche, said Deloitte partner Anton Shulga. “We see that most of the sold iPhone model is not the latest series,” confirms Alexander Malis.

In the Apple, Nokia and Samsung did not comment on the survey results.

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