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Russian helmet virtual reality Fibrum will appear on AliExpress

On 15 December, the online retailer AliExpress starts selling helmet virtual reality Fibrum. The device, created by Russian developers, is compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android different models.

The developers believe that mobile VR-helmet Fibrum Pro has no analogues on the Russian market of virtual reality technology. The special design of the lenses, not requiring additional configuration of the distance from the lens to the eye, allows you to see the picture clearly, as users with vision -5 to +5, and people with perfect vision.

Outwardly looks like Fibrum glasses of virtual reality Oculus VR, but the Russian counterpart works only in connection with Communicator inserted it inside the helmet. The helmet is functional with cell phones of almost any size. To manage in the virtual space, you can use the joysticks, wireless keyboard and mouse.

AliExpress will sell the helmet Fibrum in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In the future can result to other markets, including Chinese. In addition to access to the marketplace, AliExpress will provide Russian developer of marketing and technological support and will provide advice.

Fibrum has already been created for a number of applications, in particular, games and virtual cinema. You can download them in App Store and Google Play. The cost Fibrum is 7990 rubles.

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