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Russian handwriting Recognition for iOS will recognize the handwriting of doctors

Russian company Paragon Software has released a mobile app for handwriting recognition. The novelty is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 8.0 and above, able to recognize even medical writing.

The app is designed for PenReader handwriting recognition in 42 languages including Russian. It includes integration with iOS and can be used as an alternative way of entering text. Utility compatible with all applications on the operating system level, including Safari, Messages, social networks and email clients.

Previously the full capabilities of the Software were only available to users of devices on Android, Windows Mobile, tablet and desktop computers on Windows.

PenReader recognizes different handwriting in different languages regardless of where and how input on the screen of the mobile device. So, to improve the quality of the Russian version only application developers have analyzed 283 000 text and more than 400 types of handwriting the language.

On selection the user is offered four different reading modes: continuous, separate, and intelligent letter-by-letter. The program recognizes letters, numbers, arithmetic and punctuation symbols, allows to work with macros and automatically replenish the vocabulary base.

The app itself Software available in the App Store for free. After downloading, the user must install the modules with languages. The module with the Russian language is 59 rubles, Arabic, Georgian, Greek — 119 rubles. The languages are bundled into packages. Package with Cyrillic languages costs 219 rubles, Latin — 479 rubles, with all languages — 599 rubles.

Download PenReader for iPhone and iPad at this link.

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