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Russian gamer died after 22 nights playing “DotA”

17-year-old teenager died in Bashkortostan after almost continuous absence at the computer for 22 hours, the press service of the investigative Department of the Investigative Committee for the Republic. The young man was playing an online computer game “DotA”.

As told in the RDS, about the death of a resident Uchalinsky district became known on August 30. Previously it was established that on 8 August, a young man broke his leg and being at home all the time, at night played “DotA”.

“In total since 2014 he spent playing for more than two thousand hours. Playing the game at night-30 August 2015, he lost consciousness and during hospitalization died”.

The report States that the family of a teenager is characterized positively. The Investigative Committee also added that signs of violent death of a young man was found. To determine the cause of death is appointed is judicial-medical examination.

Classmates told that the school boy was a regular guy – I studied, well communicated with all, was not closed. Even, on the contrary, loved to joke and laugh. The day before his death he sadly stated in the social network that from the beginning of the school year “finish” final hours: “..TSKA night, goodbye, shorter”. Tragic prophecy was fulfilled in another way.

In January 2015 a 32-year-old resident of Taiwan died after three days of continuous play shooters. According to doctors, the cause of death was heart failure caused by fatigue. In early March, the same fate befell the 24-year-old resident of Shanghai, and in February, 19-year-old resident Chinese Nantong cut off his arm, trying to get rid of gambling.

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