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Russian fitness GoBe wristband which surpasses all existing analogues, has raised $3.5 million

Russian company Healbe, a manufacturer of innovative fitness bracelet GoBe, has raised $3.5 million investment. The company has invested a number of new individuals, as well as current investors, including Starta Capital. A bracelet, according to the creators, surpasses all existing analogues.

As explained by the publication Firrma George Mikaberidze, the majority of payments (about $2 million) will be spent on the release of the second batch of bracelets GoBe. The remaining funds will be used for research and development of fitness trackers second generation. What functionality they will receive is still unknown.

The total funding received Healbe for all time of its existence, is now $9.1 million the Previous round the company closed in August 2014 — then their money was invested in the project Fund Starta Capital Accessor Fund, its managing partner Alexey Girin, and founder of “Multi system” Dmitry Chaly and Alexander Tarakanov.

“Smart” Healbe GoBe wristband was created in Moscow and St. Petersburg by a team of seven full-time developers, eight doctors and about 10 outsourcers. The device is built around the ARM processor architecture, has a built-in flash memory from 2GB to 32GB, graphic dot display 5 x 15 and is running firmware own design. In subsequent models is planned for the use of real-time operating system RTOS. The battery life of the device is 3 days.

According to the developers, fitness Healbe GoBe wristband stands out among all those present on the market the widest functional set. The gadget is the first in the world able to automatically detect spent and calories consumed, but also the pulse of the owner, the level of stress, stages of sleep, dehydration of the organism and the changes of body weight. The basis functions track the number of calories consumed is the technology of measuring glucose levels without drawing blood.

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Users Indiegogo funded the creation of the GoBe, started to get their bracelets in February. Western editions not come to a common opinion concerning the operation of the device: some admired the accuracy of counting calories, others have accused manufacturers of bracelet is that they are not able to meet the expectations of customers.

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