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Russian experts have unlocked the iPhone 4s killer Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov

The Russian team of experts sent to Turkey to investigate the murder of Ambassador Andrey Karlov, hacked iPhone terrorist. About it reports on Friday MacReports.

The Turkish law enforcement seized a smartphone 19 December. the iPhone belonged to the terrorist who shot the Russian Ambassador in Turkey. According to the newspaper, Turkish law enforcement authorities have been asked to access data on the device of their Russian colleagues.

Russia sent its team of experts to conduct a forensic examination of the device, and the experts managed to successfully hack a four-digit password. The details of the hacking were not disclosed.

Earlier it was reported that Turkish police have asked to access data on the iPhone killer Charles from Apple. However, Apple denied this information.

Taken smartphone is iPhone 4s. According to observers, it can store information that shed light on the activities of terrorists.

Previously, Apple asked U.S. intelligence agencies: they wanted to hack iPhone 5c terrorist opened fire in San Bernardino, which killed 14 people. Apple refused to hack the device. The investigators demanded to oblige the Corporation to do it through the courts, but to no avail. The FBI later said that their own hacked iPhone, therefore withdrew the claim.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov, died at the hands of a terrorist during a speech at the opening of the photo exhibition in Ankara, three people were injured. Shot diplomat, police officer mevlüt MERT Altıntaş were eliminated by the guard. The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case under article “an act of international terrorism”.

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