Russian expert compared the new American fighter with the "useless iPhone" & nbsp

Military expert Andrei Frolov compared the fifth generation American F-35 Lightning II fighter to the Russian Su-57 in Izvestia. According to the expert, the American fighter is more “digital” and therefore loses the comparison.
Frolov explained that the American F-35 is a kind of "iPhone", which at any time can be a useless toy if you do not have a permanent connection to the Apple Store and regular updates. He stressed that for the same reasons, the F-35 can be a pile of expensive iron. The manufacturer can block the software at any time.
At the same time, Frolov noted that the capabilities of the Su-57 are classified, but, he thinks, the Su-57 is not so “digital” as the F-35. But even if it was, the purchases of Russian Su-57 carry less political risks, since Russia has never used a sole arms embargo.

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