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Russian equivalent of Wikipedia called “Repede” will appear in October

The Russian military historical society creates the equivalent of “Wikipedia” — the Russian historical encyclopedia (“Repede”), which can only be edited by those who have passed a special test on the history and joined the site. New online encyclopedia should appear in Runet by October.

For the first time on the site will feature articles from the Great Russian encyclopedia, Orthodox encyclopedia, two volumes a Historical encyclopedia, and about 4 000 articles.

According to the creators of the project, “Repede” should be more reliable than the original resource, and edit the development of which involved millions of users.

“Our Russian Internet user making a request in a search engine, most often falls on Wikipedia. Some of the material there is well done, and there are a lot of articles with errors, because to go and correct has the ability to absolutely anyone,” says one of the creators of the project, historian Marina Bobkova.

According to Bobkova, her students from MGIMO often use “unverified information” from Wikipedia.

“I am confident that the site RVIO historical events will be refined and one-sided. To make article will allow only those experts that nothing bad will write, and write what the representatives do not agree RVIO, users will not allow”, — said, in turn, an independent Internet expert Anton Merkurov.

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