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Russian drone in the air-hydrogen battery set a world record on duration of flight

Created by the Russian company NELK unmanned aerial vehicle set a world record duration flight in real conditions (wind and rain), which lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes. Kopter changed the height and downlinked images and videos. About this report “Izvestia”.

NELC equipped with an electrochemical power source is a power plant using hydrogen / air fuel cells. Unit weight is 12 kg, the power plant had a capacity of 1.3 kW, the payload is 500 g. the Test took place in Chernogolovka. You were using managed mode and the autopilot.

“Hydrogen-air fuel cells Russian developments allow you to make a record plaque in the conditions of cold Russian winters, and high humidity,” said Executive Director of the company NELK Igor Vasilevsky.

Hydrogen fuel is considered to be the most promising in the transport sector, therefore development in this direction are a few companies. Canadian quadcopter EnergyOr last year showed an outstanding result: 3 hours 43 minutes and 48 seconds. However, its launch was held in the hangar, and the device hung in the air at a height of half a meter. That is, the record was set with maximum economy and indoors.

Test oktokopter NELC, in turn, was held under the open sky in harsh weather conditions. “Under greenhouse conditions he had to fly, according to our calculations, about 4 hours 20 minutes”, — said the participant of the test.

“I must congratulate you on a world record team, and the result is shown in hydrogen energy — one of the most promising areas of development of modern technologies”, — said the chief analyst of the nonprofit partnership GLONASS, Andrei Ionin.

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