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Russian developers will be obliged to hand over the source code of the programs in the Ministry of communications

Russian software developers wishing to sell their development the state will need to provide to the expert Council at the Ministry of communications source code, according to “Izvestia”.

The Ministry of communications has prepared a draft government resolution amending the rules of any programs in the national registry. Developers will be obliged to transfer to the Ministry “materials identifying the software in source code form, object code form or another, inherent in the programming language in which it is written presents the software to the extent sufficient to identify it”.

Now you want to pass only “instance of the software without technical means of copyright protection”. That is, the Ministry receives only a copy of the software and want to get the source code to analyze and modify the software. The access code will have not only office, but also the expert Council under the Ministry of communications, which makes a conclusion whether the software requirements and whether to include it in the registry. The expert Council includes software developers, representatives of industry associations, scientific and educational organizations, Federal, or regional authorities.

“The list of requirements open and includes “a different form …sufficient for identification, — have informed in a press-service of the Ministry of communications. — It is necessary to check whether the foreign component.”

According to representatives of the Ministry, significant changes of the order of inclusion in the register will not happen.

The resolution of the RF government dated 16 November 2015 banned the purchase of foreign software for budget money — when you have the Russian analogues.

The Executive Director of the Association of software developers (reason) “Domestic software” (unites about 140 companies — software developers) Evgeny Vasilenko said that the Association is preparing its objections to the amendments the Ministry of communications. According to her, if the amendments are adopted, many companies will refuse entry into the national registry.

Chairman of the Board of the Association of producers of electronic equipment and devices Svetlana Appolonova noted that the procedure for the transfer and Deposit code are still unclear. “Many of the programs are updated very often, some every week,” she said.

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