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Russian developers released the app for accurate diagnosis of skin diseases

According to statistics, in the world every hour from melanoma – skin cancer – one person dies. More: skin cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world. And the most easily preventable – changes in skin are visible visually, they catch the eye: we just have time to notice the problem. And here is the difficulty – people who are accustomed to the mole since childhood, can’t ignore that she had suddenly acquired a different shade and slightly increased in volume. Meanwhile it is not excluded that this is the first sign of the disease. To more or less closely monitor the condition of the skin can each month to go to the doctor, and you can put the program Skin Passport – it will hold a prevention for you.

The idea is this – make profile. Choose on a mannequin the place, then turn the camera on – it you are photographing a mole that you think is problematic. Thus, it is possible to observe: one photo, a week later another, then a third. Most likely, you do the difference will not see (if you did, you hardly think it’ll help), but the PCP gallery with advanced melanoma will come in handy. Generally, the Skin is a Passport – it’s not about self-treatment at home (no way!) – it’s about more help to the doctors. There is even, for example, a list of clinics.

Another interesting feature of Skin Passport program defines the boundaries of the tumor – and plus-minus shows exactly how increased problem area of skin. However, optional keeps a chronological archive – using Skin Passport you can, for example, to remotely consult with your doctor.

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Self-study and didactic material here is the extensive encyclopedia is a database with a huge number of articles on the subject of oncodermatology. Cost to go in and read – really, a lot of interesting, even to those who are not experienced with the disease.

Free on one gadget you can create any number of profiles and monitoring of moles of all family members and even friends. In each profile, two free pages, it is possible to keep the history of the two moles. If you want more, you have to pay. The micropayments over.

The application is certainly important and useful – and would like to see this adopted as much as possible. It is known that the easiest way to beat cancer at the very beginning, from the onset of the disease – and thanks Skin Passport this point can be omitted.

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