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Russian developers received a grant to create an “infinite stick”

Russian programmers, submitted in July 2015 Russian President Vladimir Putin “endless memory”, won a grant to promote his invention. This was reported by TASS, the organizers of the youth educational forum “Territory of meanings on the Klyazma” in Vladimir.

Grants in the amount of 250 000 rubles received eight developments, including startup Flashcap” — the so-called “endless memory”. The idea is that the flash drive will be associated with cloud-based data stores.

“The technology works is very simple,” said the developer. The user inserts into the usb port of the device in the form of flash drive. For humans this is a common device. But is access to cloud storage, and the flash drive allows the hardware to log in. You don’t have to remember a login and password. In the no memory stick to store files”.

Early adopters who are now doing a pre-order, will get the device for 2000 rubles. All the files in the “infinite drive” will be stored in Russia.

“After that we plan to go to the monetization models that when a person puts 2,000 rubles on the account is debited 5 rubles per day. Pay only for the days when you use the device. We want to develop a reference model in six months. The release of the mass market planned 14 months After the sale of the first 10,000 devices the developers are going to earn $500,000 a year”, – said the creators of “Vlassara”.

Just the forum grants have been awarded to more than 40 young scientists from the IT sphere. Grant for first place also received a draft of the “moving Museum” — a mobile application for visually impaired people, which recognizes and reads text, the program “School of programming — a system for the automated planning of transport resources and the automation project in the agricultural sector. Twelve participants received grants for 150, 000 rubles, 20 — by 100 000. The contest was announced 133 of the project.

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