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Russian developers have released a simulator of a prison for iOS and Android

Of this genre in the App Store quite a lot, apparently, a prison romance is still popular. New game “prison Simulator” is unique in that the player is offered to try herself in the role of a prisoner, and the role of the warden.

The gamer begins in places not so remote. First, the prison consists of only one barrack, and then in his hands. The first problem to be solved is to determine the contingent. In the game, as in life, prisoners are divided into different types, ranging from hardened criminals, ending economic criminals.

And children’s the puzzle with the goat, cabbage and wolf is the main problem of the prison administrator is to properly distribute the different nature and aggression of the prisoner in a confined space. After all, every mistake fraught with fights, and in extreme cases it can reach to the slaughter.

In the game the prisoners are constantly referring to the administration. Usually they want something: someone wants to escape, someone needs to improve the conditions of detention or to just get some item that will increase his happiness. The player can out of compassion to fulfill these requests, and it is possible to demand something in return. For example, money. But you can force a prisoner to work in the administration, in this case, the PRISONER will be a secret agent, will report on upcoming shoots and other atrocities that occur in prison.

Once in prison there will be peace and order, which means that it’s time to do the extension and improvement of his estate. The game is available a huge variety of barracks. Some Prisoners work in the sawmill or in the sewing workshop, in the other rest, and if the head is humane, then it can attach and VIP Luggage or gym that prisoners felt more happy.

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But not so simple, the player in prison is not the king and God. First, gamers have a boss that is constantly dissatisfied and often throws a ridiculous job, and sometimes outright requires to collect tribute from prisoners. Secondly, in the case of successful development of the prison Affairs takes an interest in the local mafia, which tries to lure the player to their side or just get to act in their own interests. The result is a storyline, and what will be the ending depends on the player.

The game is free, optimized for iPhone and iPad, download “prison Simulator” is available for free at this link.

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