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Russian developers have created messenger, which allows you to see the text messages in real time

Russian developers have announced messenger that allows you to see your interlocutor’s message before it is sent. At the moment the app is in beta test where you can take part by signing up on the website of the project.

Users chat under the name Blank, rather than labels like “typing a message…” in real-time watch as it is gaining the interlocutor and correct before sending. Some time later the letters disappear from the screen, as if the interlocutor had spoken them aloud.

“The bottom line is that you see everything that your interlocutor wants you to say, instantly,” said the developers of the service. With Blank man don’t need to send a message to the recipient starts to see him write, immediately, without delay.

The team believe that the application will be used, for example, among users of online Dating sites and apps that can be useful for sharing a very important news (like solving goal or the collapse of the stock).

While to communicate with each other will only be available to iPhone users. About plans to develop versions for desktops and other platform, is not yet known. Nevertheless, given the widespread use of “Apple” gadgets, traditional messengers definitely have to move.

Previously in App Store released a similar app called Hiboo. With it the user don’t need to send a message to the recipient starts to see the text messages immediately, without delay.

The developers plan to release the Blank until the end of April.

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